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We're Better Together

Over the years, I've been honored to meet new clients and colleagues via word of mouth referrals. The creative energy we create from a place of community, interconnection, and trust has been invaluable—and I'm finally in a space where I can turn that shared energetic resource into something tangible too. 

We're keeping it simple for now. If someone mentions you as their referrer, I'll send you a thank-you fee. You might want to do that if:

  • You're a former/current client wanting to share the love

  • You want to pull together a group to work through a service container together

  • You aren't a fit right now but know someone who is

  • You want to save up credits for a future service 

And as always, thank you for trusting me with your work and supporting me in mine!

Sharing the Love: Referral Rates

  • 1-Month Intensive: $500 direct payment or $1000 service credit

  • 3-Month Incubator: $1500 direct payment or $3000 service credit

  • Cohort referral: 10% of any event payment and direct outcomes (up to $5000)

  • Option to pay your referral credit forward to a scholarship fund

Stealable Language

Look, you're brilliant. You know this is good stuff. So you aren't the reason your book isn't done. B can help you figure out what's really going on.

Once you get going, you know momentum will take you the rest of the way. But B can help with that first or next big push.

You don't have to prep, know what you need, or even know what kind of question to ask. Just pop on a call and see what comes up.

My editor friend has a free call calendar open for folks who are trying to get traction on their book. Grab a spot while they're still available?

It's not really one or the other—getting your book done or moving your bigger vision forward. B can help you do both.

What if writing your book just meant showing up for your reader? B's approach holds all of the writing wonk so you can just be.

Click here to start drafting an email to me (don't forget to CC them!).

Or copy this link to share:

When to send someone my way:

They've got a specific hangup, question, or concern about their book.

They're at a transition point with their book: starting, stuck, finally getting serious, or super close to the end.

They're part of a group who could use a writing or brainstorming workshop around a specific topic.

Their book is just one piece of the larger work they're doing, and it's time to get crystal clear on what that means.


You think we might vibe.

Where to send them: 

Direct email intro or my free call calendar.

It's good to know that I work in 1- and 3-month containers with folks first (before opening up to pop-up calls and editing services), and that I'm open to teaching in cohorts and writing groups.


But you don't have to know what they might need in order to send them my way. I'll approach our call with the same open hand as any new introduction—it's a space for us to meet, see what we can unlock in that initial space, and name some useful next steps for them moving forward. 


Just a no prep, no pressure way to finally make some progress.

Stealable Graphics
right-click to download and save

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Look Familiar?

If you made it here from one of these graphics or some of this text, welcome :) We must both know someone who's serious about story too. When we hop on a free call or you email me, let me know who that is so we can dish about how cool they are.


You don't have to step into anything unless it's absolutely the right time and space. But if you do, let's make sure we give them credit and make their day, yeah?

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