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How We'll Unlock Your Book

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Intention Checks

When the writing flow stops, it's almost never because the author needs to be more disciplined. Usually, it's because there's something we haven't named—content or messaging related—or something we need to analyze and edit. So no matter what state you think your project is in, if your writing practice has hit a wall, it's time to initiate one of two things:


  • a Discovery series to define your aspirations for a book that's not quite tangible yet

  • an Evaluation to refine your pursuit of those aspirations in a draft (at any stage)

Click through to find out more, or book a Free Call Friday spot to chat before we start.

Author(ity) Incubator

Sometimes the writing is unlocked as soon as we know more about who you are to the book, who your reader is, and how you'll take this journey together (Discovery). Sometimes we get a revisions map in place (Evaluation) and you're good to go. But sometimes it takes a little more digging and a lot more support to create the momentum you need.


The Author(ity) Incubator is made for just that—twelve weeks of direct 1:1 support and bonus classes to make sure you have the skills, support, and (most importantly) confidence to write or revise your book. Applications are currently open.

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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Author Intensive

In some cases, when the stars align—availability, need, and fit—an incubator evolves into an intensive. That's when we roll up the sleeves and keep working on your book together, week by week, until it's done. 

To make sure we're a good fit for this level of work I want you to really know what this project is and who you are to it (Initiation), and to really believe you have the authority to bring that project to the world (Incubator). By then, we'll have a much better idea of what level of support you actually need, and we can assess the state of the stars together from there.

Resource Planning

I always scroll through a service provider's page until I see pricing, so I don't want to leave this out. I also want to be clear that this is a service and not a product, so it's not just money we're exchanging. 



Every service I provide (except milestone management) includes time on the phone/Zoom with you, because it's the quickest and most effective way to connect.


Aside from Free Call Fridays, we'll always book at least an hour—two in the case of a Discovery series.

You do not have to prepare for the calls surrounding Initiation services (including the Discovery series). 

You will need to continue your writing practice as it stands, or as we'll refine it to be. I am not ghostwriting (and even that requires author involvement to some extent).

You don't have to join group calls live when you're in the Incubator, but I highly recommend trying to or setting aside time to review the recordings. 

If you have a rush deadline, the rush will depend on the speed of your practice. For the record, I suggest... not. Books take what they take. On my end, I find that doubling up calls rarely helps us move faster, and skipping steps never does. If you're already unlocked enough to move fast, you don't need these steps in this order. If not, the process is important. Going slow is going fast.



This is where the magic really happens. I get energized by hanging out with you and figuring out the puzzle of your book. You get energized by returning your focus to the heart of your message without the hangups that come from trying to self-edit as you go.


My authors tell me often that the process became fun again, they feel relief after we talk, and they're excited about their project for the first time in a long time.

That said, this energy comes from a mutual sense of safety, trust, and connection. If at any point the work feels forced or any of those links get broken, we can pause and evaluate our next steps. We're not slogging through creative work here—I promise that kind of pain doesn't make you more of an artist.



I determine all of my pricing on day- and half-day-rates. If they ever go up, it's because I've realized I'm spending more than that amount of time on a given service or that I need more coverage in order to reserve that space for folks (thanks, inflation).

Because of the time I put in around calls and the energy I devote to each one, a single-hour call is a half day ($250) and a two-hour call covers a day ($500). 

Initation services are $1000.

Incubator services range from $500-$2500/month.

Intensives start at $2500/month. 

Knowing those day rates, you can reverse engineer those amounts to figure out roughly how much direct, time-intensive support you'll get in each case. We can also figure this out together on a Free Call, you can put a deposit down and pay toward something in advance, or you can go one step at a time (half-Discoveries are an option, for example) so we can make sure you're investing in the right service at all times. 

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