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Hey, there!
 I'm Brannan.
You can call me B.

You're also likely to call me Brannon, Branan, Brennan, Brandon, Brandy, Brenda, Britney, Branson, Brianna...

I've been in content since 2006, on all sides of web content, messaging, and the nonfiction book editing and development process—and at one point ghosted or developed 30+ books in the span of two years (do not recommend).


That's a lot of time spent side by side with authors. When I say you (probably) can't surprise me with your project, obstacle, or process, I mean it.


Some people have their 10,000 hours in getting books done fast, some in getting you on best seller lists. Mine is in meeting you in the muck and helping you find the safety, empowerment, and perspective to keep going.


That's why you can call me anything as long as you call me when you're stuck.

Brannan Sirratt, Book Coach, Editor, and Content Discovery Consulting

I'm here to help you become 
an author...which may or may not mean what you think it means.

I primarily work with business owners, coaches, and professionals writing nonfiction books, but that's not really the common denominator. My "niche" client is the person who knows they have gold somewhere under the sludge, but don't know how to dig it up or what to do with all the muddy pieces when they do. 

 This is true even if you've never written a book before. If you can talk to your clients, your partner, yourself, or your cat, you can write. It's just a matter of getting what you know and believe and feel out of your head and onto paper in a way that resonates with the people who need to hear it.

I also believe that process takes what it takes.

If you're looking for someone who will promise you a best seller or talk about your book as a product they can deliver for you, I'm not your person. If you believe in your message so much that you're willing to do whatever it takes to uncover it—as long as you don't have to do it alone—then we should talk.

Wherever you are in your creative journey, you're absolutely not alone.



  • When you don't have a manuscript yet (or one that you feel good about working from): We'll do two to fours of calls to map out your identity as author, your reader's relationship to the project, and the project itself.

  • When you have a pretty decent manuscript you want to level up: I'll read through it (at any stage) to evaluate it and set recommended next steps based on your intentions for the project, with 1-2 coaching hours to go over those findings.



  • 12 weeks to focus on refining your drafting or revisions plan—every chapter gets a clear focus and the book has a dimensional arc.

  • BONUS: 4 separate craft-specific calls taught live, by me or one of my amazing colleagues, around writing, publishing, and mindset.

  • Example outcomes: the bones of a book proposal, a drafting or revisions map, self-permission.

  • Choose from three levels: low-touch milestone management, 1:1 coaching support, or intensive-level deep dives.


$2500+ monthly for ~12 mos

  • Intentional commitment to move from discovery to development to the damn finish line, whatever it takes, usually across ~12 months.

  • Customized support that teases the line between development editing and ghostwriting.

  • I want you to know your content so well that it's all you think about (and not the hard work of writing)

  • I want me to know it so well I don't have to think when I edit. 

  • Extremely limited space for this—currently 2 authors at a time. We don't mess around here (sorta).


Give these resources a look....

Or shoot me your questions...

Talk soon!

I can't wait to see what you're creating!

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