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Hey, there!
 I'm Brannan.
You can call me B.

You're also likely to call me Brannon, Branan, Brennan, Brandon, Brandy, Brenda, Britney, Branson, Brianna...

I've been in content since 2006, on all sides of the process—and at one point ghosted or developed 30+ books in the span of two years (do not recommend).


That's a lot of time spent side by side with authors. When I say you (probably) can't surprise me with your project, obstacle, or process, I mean it.


Some people have their 10,000 hours in getting books done fast, some in getting you on best seller lists. Mine is in meeting you in the muck and helping you find the safety, empowerment, and perspective to keep going.


That's why you can call me anything as long as you call me when you're stuck.

Brannan Sirratt, Book Coach, Editor, and Content Discovery Consulting

I want to see your content
(the way only you can move people)
come to life—without the process taking over your life.

So let's talk about you.

There are a ton of ways to get your words out into the world, and none of them are wrong. (Well. I guess we could think of some wrong ways, but that's beside the point.) The thing is, content is not a commodity. It’s the transmission of the way only you can move people, and I want to partner with you to make that come to life.


You're just starting out (on this project, at least). You've got an idea and want to know if it is worth chasing. You haven't really started writing yet, or you're in progress and just need some support as you work through your draft. 

You've been writing for a while, but it feels like a puzzle you can't quite sort. Maybe a draft that you need to start revising, or a collection of content that you've gathered over the years. You know it's good material and want to publish it somewhere, eventually, if you can make sense of it—but making sense of it is what matters most right now.

You have a clear goal and feel good about your idea, and you do have a draft in hand that feels close to done. You know it must need something before offering it up to the publishing gods, but you're not sure what—or you maybe do know what it's going to take and you don't want to do it alone.

You're just done staring at the blank screen. You'd yell into the void but the void is no long accepting voicemail.

Wherever you are in your creative journey, you're absolutely not alone.

Here are a few ways we can...

Whether you have a deadline to hit or just need to see a friendly face, you're welcome to join me and a small but steady band of writers every evening at 5 EST for two hours of co-working to wrap up (or kickstart, or survive) your day's work or writing goals.

Trust me when I say you are not alone—when you're stuck, there's usually something to be uncovered or learned, and that can happen so much more effectively when we're in it together. That's why I'm launching group coaching programs—90 minute calls that work through someone's real life writing hangups through the lens of a new writing concept each week.

The best part about doing this work is that I get to geek out and learn things, then bring it back to you in a way that actually helps. When I tried to build out the 5 Minute Outline Course, I realized what I actually wanted to build was a living resource vault. All clients have access, and all access-purchases are clients. Not sure where to start? Chat or grab a consult and let's find out!

Want more than support or learning? I love working 1:1 with folks to help them see their content (and inevitably themselves) in a new light. Since my approach to editing is so much more than a red pen review, we'll always start with a discovery call to get clear on your objectives. From there, we'll make a custom plan for your next steps, whether that's you writing, me writing, or something in between.


I primarily work with business owners, coaches, and professionals writing nonfiction books, but that's not really the common denominator. My "niche" client is the person who knows they have gold somewhere under the sludge, but don't know how to dig it up or what to do with all the muddy pieces when they do. 

 This is true even if you've never written a book before. If you can talk to your clients, your partner, yourself, or your cat, you can write. It's just a matter of getting what you know and believe and feel out of your head and onto paper in a way that resonates with the people who need to hear it.

I also believe that process takes what it takes.

If you're looking for someone who will promise you a best seller or talk about your book as a product they can deliver for you, I'm not your person. If you believe in your message so much that you're willing to do whatever it takes to uncover it—as long as you don't have to do it alone—then we should talk.

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Let's chat!

Talk soon!

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