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So you're finally writing that nonfiction book
and (mostly) not hating it.

After toying with it for years, you've suddenly got some access to writing—or at least, you think you do. Since you're probably not a writer by trade, you aren't really sure whether what you're doing "counts."


You just know something is happening, and you don't want to break it.

You’d like to know if you’re on the right track, but…here, there be dragons. 


Maybe you’ve shared what you’ve written before and it didn’t land as well as it felt when you were writing it.


Or you’ve never shared this with a soul before and you have no idea HOW it will land. 


And if you share it with the wrong person who sends you in the wrong direction, you’re almost certain you’ll lose your flow. 


You would just keep writing without that feedback, but now the looming threat that you’ll need to share it eventually is starting to block you up anyway.



You desperately need to know that you’re moving in the right direction—and honestly, that’s not hyperbole. Validation is a hella-real need, and self-validation is a hard muscle to build. 

instead of trying to power through the work alone, 
waiting until you've saved up time or money or confidence to get "real" help,
or relying on questionable feedback from groups or beta readers...


how a mini eval works


answer a few questions about your project


send me the content you're most worried about


send me a piece of content you super love


watch your inbox for video/written feedback

A mini-eval is the easiest, lowest-commitment way to check in on your writing without losing sight of the bigger picture.

✔️ Get direct feedback on your content, in the context of your goals, to find the underlying message that’s emerging in your work.

✔️ Figure out what you’re writing and why, exactly “what you have” in this moment, and what might be left to do to bring the book in your head to life on the page.

✔️ Finally feel like you’re moving in the direction of momentum and don’t have to fight your brain or processes.

✔️ Set up a forcefield around your remaining writing time without any of the unnecessary Stuff that blocks up your brain.

✔️Walk away feeling unlocked and ready to keep writing, with zero obligation to keep working with me after that.

this is for you if you have...

...a nonfiction work in progress (a book, a chapter, a collection of content you’d like to be a book, seventeen documents in a trench coat...)

…waning hope that you’re actually going to turn that collection into a finished book

…$97 and ten minutes to type up a few answers

The whole thing will take about three days, with access to an expanded free call calendar for follow-up clarity as needed after that.


And you'll have zero obligation to continue working with me long-term.


We’ll point you in the right direction—seeing exactly what you can do more of, what you can let go of, and how to clear those “is it working” questions out of your writing space.

Click through to secure your spot, fill out your intake form, and take a big sigh of relief that you’ll have a fresh perspective in three days flat. 

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