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let's get your book moving, yeah?

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There are a million versions of your book that could work. The right one (for right now) will emerge from who you are, who your reader is, and where you're going to take them.

Alignment Intensive

Books can be incredible vehicles for impact. They allow you to go deeper than any other one-way form of interaction, get more vulnerable than any other form of introduction, and be more thorough than any other form of instruction. 

Aligning the book in your head to the book on the page and the message you actually want to bring to your corner of the world generates unstuckable momentum toward an unshakeable goal. And we can find that alignment from any stage of your project.


By reserving a full month of evaluation, development, or coaching support, we're able to work through your specific needs and hangups toward the right outcome for you and your reader in a way that adds to your existing work rather than distracting from it and allows the most powerful version of your book to emerge.

Book a free consult to see what kind of shape your Alignment Intensive might take.

a customized 1-month deep dive
for nonfiction writers and book-curious experts
ready to refine their concepts, map their next steps,
and align the book on the page to the one in their head 

prep-free calls, manuscript eval, or a combo approach
with priority access to coaching or editing afterward
Show up to the work as the authority you already are, and  (in the right container) the rest will fall into place.

Author[ity] Incubator

My expertise is in bringing an author's intentions and a reader's experience together into a book that works. And my network is full of experts in branding, publishing, speaking, and more who can pick up wherever we leave off. When we get to show up just as fully for you as you are for your reader, serious magic can happen.

And that's what this space allows us to do.

This is not an overpriced stack of PDFs you'll have to work through alone or an overwhelming info-dump from people telling you what to do without helping you actually do it. It's a customized, deep-dive sprint based on a proven framework and decades of experience.


Our goal is to lay the foundation for your next stage in life as more than the author of [your Big Idea book here]—the book is just one piece of the larger puzzle of your work. This is about helping you bring that Idea into the world in the clearest, most effective ways possible. 

To check in on your project's needs and begin to shape your incubator experience, book a consult here.

a 12 week sprint on structure 
for anyone writing to further their larger mission
by developing both the book and the work it supports

1:1 deep dives, group sessions, guest experts,
full-access coaching, content review/recommendations,
and priority access to coaching or editing after
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All-In Intensive

In some cases, when the stars align—availability, need, and fit—it makes sense to go all-in. But those cases are the exception, and I rarely take them on. 

Before we can know whether we're a good fit for a year or more of close work and the investment to make that possible, book a starting point above, or hop on a call with me.

custom proposal by request

Life Guard Coaching

Because I have trained and practiced in every step of content creation, from story analysis to ghostwriting to book coaching to line editing, I can meet you literally anywhere in the process. But that work is its most effective when we have some kind of foundational connection in place.


I reserve "panic button" coaching calls for clients who have already moved through Alignment or an Incubator. For projects that are close to the finish line and "just" need to be edited, or if you've hit a panic button moment already and don't know how to keep going, reach out. Let's see what we can do.

existing (post-Alignment) clients only
coaching retainers, editing, custom services
by request
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