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I’m here to see your content come to life—but why are you here?

The easiest thing here would be for you to tell me. But if it were actually easy—I mean, the emphasis alone can mean a thousand different things—you would’ve done that already. 

Why are you here? 


Why are you here?


Why are you here?


Sometimes knowing what you need is really hard. A lot of times, asking for what you need is harder. 


Aside from “my friend said I should check this site out” (frequently heard) or “I don’t know, man, help?!” (typical common denominator) or “I saw you somewhere and dig your vibe” (less frequently, but I’ll take it)…let’s try to zoom in on where you’re at in this journey.


Let’s start with some baselines. 


You're just starting out (on this project, at least). You've got an idea and want to know if it is worth chasing. You haven't really started writing yet, or you're in progress and just need some support as you work through your draft. 


This is the getting started space, and it should be super fun. There’s so much possibility and potential and room to play here. Then again, all that space can feel a little intimidating. If you’re not trying to dedicate your life solely to writing, you want to validate the work before you devote time (or any more time) to it. If you are trying to dedicate your life to writing, you want to validate the work as part of that pivot. 


I’m currently working toward certification with Author Accelerator to represent their book coaching services for anyone who is getting started and sees traditional publishing on the horizon. 


In the meantime, a Big Idea discovery works well in this space—in a group or 1:1. 


The thing about a discovery is you may not discover a book you want to write right now, and naming that is important too. 


But if you do—if you see a change message you want to bring into the world—the next step is to articulate that change progression. That’s where sorting comes in….


You've been writing for a while, but it feels like a puzzle you can't quite sort. Maybe a draft that you need to start revising, or a collection of content that you've gathered over the years. You know it's good material and want to publish it somewhere, eventually, if you can make sense of it—but making sense of it is what matters most right now.


This is like the getting started space, but spicier. You need help getting sorted when you’ve got content in hand but no idea how to make it into a book. Maybe it’s a draft that feels partway there. Maybe it’s an old blog. Maybe it’s years of documentation in your area of expertise. 


Words aren’t the issue. Figuring out how to move all the pieces around in a way that means anything to the reader you want to help? That’s the real work.

If you don’t know how to articulate the precise reader or who you are to them or how you want them to change, that’s where discovery comes in. Try this template, free. If you still want support, then we’ll double back as though you’re getting started.


If you know where you’re headed, then we’ll work on a “table of content” by naming the dimensions of your book and mapping them against each other in a way your reader can track with.


Once you know what you’re saying and why, and you’ve got a framework to move the puzzle pieces into…how do you know when it’s done? 


You have a clear goal and feel good about your idea, and you do have a draft in hand that feels close to done. You know it must need something before offering it up to the publishing gods, but you're not sure what—or you maybe do know what it's going to take and you don't want to do it alone.


The thing about getting to shipping is that sometimes you see it when it’s way out on the horizon, sometimes it sneaks up on you, and sometimes it’s on the horizon but you want to throw your manuscript at it anyway because omg what else can you even do with it?!


So there are different approaches at this stage, which come with different support steps. 


The best way to know whether you want a full revisions intensive, a diagnostic review, or a quick turnaround assessment is to reconnect with your objectives.


Is this a project you need to turn around quickly, to get to a goal state? 


Will it come with some kind of ROI—how are you leveraging it? 


Is it a project you don’t have any constraints on but you’re tired of it and want to move on?


Is it a project you’re working with as it unfolds but aren’t sure where it stands? 


It’s honestly best to get on a call at this point, because a full manuscript can go any number of ways. But I’ll say this: if you can’t place what your objectives are—you aren’t sure how to name what you’re doing with the book and why—it may be best to hop back to the discovery and reconnect with your project on a foundational level. 


And no, I didn’t overlook the fact that a whole lot of work and time and blood and sweat and tears come between sorting out your material and getting it out the door. 


It can be its own kind of purgatory.


You're just done staring at the blank screen. You'd yell into the void but the void is no long accepting voicemail.


If you’re there, reach out. 


We may find a path that works for you. We may set up ongoing check-ins. We may get you into a group setting, or connect you with someone else who can help.


We may just unstick you right then and there.


Chat here, on the page, or hop on my calendar.


Wherever you are in your writing journey, I want to meet you there. But I can only help if you reach out. 


Let’s get you moving again.



All purchases are nonrefundable. All purchases gain access to the Client Vault—a living database of the programs and resources I build out in response to ongoing learning and development with you all. More importantly, we are doing partnership work rather than product work, and in the same way that a  life coach can't un-coach you, I can't unblock the time on my calendar or the energy I reserve for your project. On the flip side, I will always honor un-redeemed 1:1 calls, even if you need to take a break for an extended period of time. Group calls will be recorded in case you miss them—each payment covers that cycle only. Thank you for partnering in my work and trusting me with yours!