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Resource Database and Un-course Material

Client Vault

This is the story of a failed course-maker.

Okay, so that's a little dramatic. But it's kind of true. The only reason I say "kind of" is because I don't want to rule out easy, standalone courses somehow coming into my skillset one day. 

For now, I'm way too in the weeds with you guys to leave you off on your own.

As much as I love the idea of having individual courses for sale, when it came time to make them I realized it wasn't where my head and heart were at in terms of my relationships with clients.


I don't want to compete with the thousands of other online personas out there, or make the case for my outlining or analysis tool over anyone else's. And I definitely don't want you to think that the tool is the one thing to invest in.


The thing is, I love the tools that I put into the vault. I use them all the time. And I know they aren't magic. The real magic is when you find the angle that works with your brain, your process, your life and lets you unlock what's already brewing under the surface.

So here's to the course-makers—I'm down to support you in your endeavors—and the un-coursemakers and consumers. May you always find what you're looking for, including the support to integrate it once you do. 

What It Is

A self-guided, coach-supported, living resource database built from years of client work and the most frequently addressed and adapted tools and content I share with folks.

It's currently set up as a file share page  (password protected, above) with separate folders per topic ("module" or "mini course" in any other context). 

You are welcome to download and use the content however you need to, with the exception of using it as though it's your own template, format, or material. That's not a need anyway. 

Living means I'm putting the content in there at minimum-viable-use format and may go back to adjust, adapt, and update over time. It also means I'm adding more, and once you've got access you've always got access.


Welcome to the household, friend. It's messy but full of love.

Webinar Screenshot: reach out to an editor when you have questions.

What It Isn't

A self-guided course meant to standalone as the miracle cure to whatever ails you in your writing.

That's it. That's the caveat. You can buy-in without having a call, but please know that you can "cash in" that 2-hour discovery call whenever you're ready.


Because the most important thing I've learned thus far in my career is that support is the most important resource.

Zoom screenshot from body double writing sessions

What's Inside

Exists/Currently porting over:

5 Minute Prep
Nonfiction Narrative Device
Morpheus Mode


Audience Journey Map

On Deck:

5 Minute Revisions (Shuffle Draft)
Chapter Studies

Get In On It

Scarcity is so last economic model.


Here's the thing. I don't have the energy to try to manufacture urgency.

In fact, energy is the only reason I added the pre-order option in the first place. If money is a form of energy (and I'm learning that it absolutely is) then every purchase is an exchange. 

When you send money my way, it gives me some extra creative capacity in my real-life world by supporting my family with the space to be more curious and creative—which ultimately turns into products, posts, and services that hopefully give you some relief and support (read: capacity) in your writing endeavors.


I realized really quickly that "launch" and "course" are loaded words. It carried a lot of pressure to perform, which I just got done ranting about up page. It turned this into a financial resource instead of an educational or support resource, and changed its success measurements from how helpful the material is to how lucrative the product could be. I just...No.

The more I divested from a launch model (there's nothing wrong with a launch, by the way, just not this time), the closer I had to look at the fee structure too. I won't bore you with the details here (maybe in a post though) other than to say the vault is accessible to anyone who has been or will ever be a client of mine, even for one call. That also means you can (and should)  book a call with your vault purchase if that's your entry point.


Thank you for partnering in my creative endeavors, and I am so grateful to be

part of yours too.

All purchases are nonrefundable.


Purchases do gain access to the Client Vault—a living database of the programs and resources I build out in response to ongoing learning and development with you all.


More importantly, we are doing partnership work rather than product work, and in the same way that a  life coach can't un-coach you, I can't unblock the time on my calendar or the energy I reserve for your project.


On the flip side, I will always honor un-redeemed 1:1 calls, even if you need to take a break for an extended period of time. Group calls will be recorded in case you miss them—each payment covers that cycle only.


Thank you for partnering in my work and trusting me with yours!

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