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Development & Coaching Calls

$250 per call hour. After notice of payment goes through, I'll reach out with a calendar link and check-in on our objectives for the call or series.

When to Book Two-Hour Sessions: Discovery and Deep Dives

In these calls, we're usually working together to name what you're working on: niche down to a specific avatar, set clear objectives for the way you'll leverage a completed project, wrestle with the unique value proposition that makes your content stand out, and begin to see the overall structure that will move your audience.


The beauty is in the discovering, not the discovery. You may find that the content you're exploring isn't a book yet (or may be better in some other medium), and that's okay. You may find that you already have all that you need. There's no pressure to perform—we're here to explore.


Each discovery session is booked for two hours, and afterward you'll get a recording + notes + path forward follow-up with any applicable tools.

Note: At least one discovery call is required before we can have any idea whether a revisions intensive is right for you.

When to Book One-Hour Sessions:
Development and Unblocking

This is best in a series of weekly or monthly check-ins, for folks who have an established working relationship with me. But anyone can hit a locked door, and we will do our best to find you a key, in one session or more!


On development calls, we might work through drafting tools, address revisions hiccups, help you overcome writer’s block, retool a path forward, or anything else that's needed to get you writing or keep you moving forward. 

Each development session is booked for one hour, and afterward you'll get a recording + notes + path forward follow-up with any applicable tools.

Book Coaching

Coming Soon (in an official capacity). For now, if you want to be coached through the process of writing, the above sessions are the way to go.