Discovery: 4-Call Session

  • 2 hours
  • 2,000 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Whether you're going into the writer's cave to emerge victorious with a draft, or sneaking bits of work into the crevices of every day life, it helps to have a plan you feel good about. Over a series of four 2-hour calls, we'll start with where you're stuck and build out from there until you have everything you need to move your project along. The beauty of it is, there is no pressure. You may discover that the story you're telling isn't a book yet (or may be some other medium), and that's okay. The work we'll do on who you are, what your heart's message is, and how you can disperse that message will be just as transformative. There's no pressure to perform or requirement to churn out a book. We're here to explore. While we'll stay open to pivoting, here's a general idea of how your series might unfold: Call 1: Discovery—what am I writing about, to whom, and why Call 2: Development—what change do I want to see in my reader, and why is that what I'm working toward Call 3: Denouement—what structure will keep readers engaged until that change happens, and why is that the place to begin drafting or revising (seeing a theme yet?) Call 4: Delivery—what's my best point of entry and next steps to move this project along, and what (got you!) can we identify that may get in the way All calls come with the post-call recording, homework for preparation or ongoing work as needed, and support/review of that homework as we go.

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