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Podcasts & Interviews

Quick Nonfiction Insights to Unlock the Author(ity) in You


Coming Soon:

10 Minutes with an Editor

Spend ten minutes eavesdropping on insights I share directly with authors (nothing shared without permission). Note first and foremost that "author" is how I perceive every client in every stage of their writing journey—including you, whether or not you've published yet. Treat these bite-sized teaching moments as if you have a back-pocket book coach answering your specific nonfiction questions, or incorporate the episodes into your regular writing practice as the muse you've been hoping to meet. 

Reluctant Drafter

Do you call yourself a writer? Outloud? Or is it more of a closeted thing? (been there) Do you cringe when you hear pseudo motivation like "writers write" and "ass in chair" cuz you're like, "but how though?" We're exploring exactly that feeling in a survey for our book-in-progress. Catch recordings of our progress in the context of Kim Kessler's relationship to her reluctance throughout the first season of her upcoming podcast tentatively titled A Novel Pursuit.

Winding Road Podcast Cover - Brannan Sir

The Winding Road

How to Become a Better Writer (or Copywriter)

I sat down with Travis Scott at The Winding Road to talk about career pivots, how I grew up into editing to voice, and what I've learned about the importance of being wholly you in written form.  Catch the full episode with Travis's summary at The Winding Road website, and be sure to give his full podcast a follow too!

Reframe & Reset Your Career

Finding the Right Editor 

Harsha Boralessa of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast and I talked for a few minutes about how to know you've got a good connection with your book editor. Click over to YouTube see what we had to say, and be sure to check out the podcast as well.

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