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Evaluations, Diagnostics, and Revisions

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Manuscript Revisions Support

Support for anyone with a full manuscript in hand.

After booking, I'll confirm with my calendar link. Please use the best email address to reach you.


Cut the feedback loop short with a chapter or manuscript evaluation. I'll read and return an analysis, and we'll review together on an hour-long coaching call. If any further line edits are recommended, this fee will serve as a deposit. All line edits must start with this step. $350 Chapter/$850 Book

Story Grid Diagnostic

I'll read the manuscript as it is, then create a guideline for your revisions based on a combination of your personal objectives and the objective analysis that Story Grid principles facilitate. 


Deliverables include an editorial assessment, the Story Grid Editor’s 6 Core Questions, and the first five scenes of your manuscript on the Story Grid spreadsheet to show movement of those scenes across ~14 levels of analysis. We'll do this across a consult + two 1-hour calls: one before I deliver the diagnostic and one a week or so later to answer any questions you might have. 

Revisions Intensive

Deep dive partnership work on a manuscript from a close-but-not-quite draft through the line edit. We'll work through a discovery series to land the Big Idea, a subsequent series to 5 Minute Outline the chapters and create chapter summaries, and then step into an alternation of chapter-by-chapter coaching, revising, and handoff for line editing. 4-6 month engagement, $10-15k range.

This is the most hands-on work I do, so spaces are limited at any given time. A discovery or diagnostic are required prereqs, however; begin there and the respective $500 or $2000 will serve as a deposit if we choose to move forward.