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Buck Yeah, ChatGPT—AI as Opportunity Space for Writers

AI doesn't always get transcripts right, but there's a whole lot else that it's absolutely nailing.

Ex: I'm not Brandon and my friend didn't say "Buck yeah." But we did geek out for a few minutes about how many doors ChatGPT is opening for writers.

Here are the three thoughts I gave him (top of mind because they're 3 of the 4 sessions I'm workshopping live next month):

1) If you're threatened by it, you've been treating yourself like a machine. (And shouldn't.)

2) It's going to create access to efficiency at levels that used to be limited to people who had a lot of money.

3) The things that make ChatGPT feel like play can teach us how to find play in our own writing, too.

His addition: Garbage in, Garbage Out. If you think ChatGPT isn't good enough, you just don't know how to talk to it yet.


Want to keep the conversation going? Grab your spot for the May 2023 webinar series, all about ChatGPT for writers.

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