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discover what "done" might look like

& evaluate what it will take to get there

First, We Get Aligned

No matter what level of support you'll need in the future, intention alignment gives us a foundation to build from based on your intentions for the book, your reader's intentions (wants and needs) when reading the book, and what kind of structural approach can bring those two objectives together.


That is the goal of the intention alignment process outlined below. Once complete, we'll know what the vision of the project is and what remains to realize that vision. If further support may be helpful in those stages, we can outline them then. If you have enough to keep rolling on your own or with another writer or editor, that's absolutely fine too.

The point is to get moving and keep moving, but to do so from a place of intention.

And we can do that whether you have the beginnings of an idea, a full manuscript you're close to finished with, or a mess of content you're not sure how to sort.

Discovery Path:
No manuscript yet, or at least not one you want to work from.

You're just starting out (on this stage of this project, at least). You've got an idea you're just starting to chase, or you’ve got a collection of great ideas you aren't sure how to make into a book.


Like, a book book.


Maybe it’s a draft that feels partway there. Maybe it’s an old blog. Maybe it’s years of documentation in your area of expertise. 


In this space, we aren't trying to choose precise words yet. You know it's good material at its core, and you want to publish it somewhere...eventually...if you can make sense of it...but making sense of it is what matters most right now.

The biggest question I get is "How do I prep for that call?" My answer: dream. Imagine your book is a real live thing, in your hands. The rest, we can discover together.

Eval Path:
A manuscript, or a mash of content you want to work from.

You've been writing for a while, and you think you might be getting somewhere. You might even feel ready for a line edit, and you're at least somewhat sure you know what that entails.


The thing you're really sure of? You've taken this project—or, again, this stage of this project—as far as you can without help.

The comic strip Awkward Yeti has a really good depiction of how this moment can feel as the author. It's a cute little gall bladder holding up a handful of pebbles saying, "I maked these." Thanks to years of teachers and red pen editors grading your work, you may feel tentative about handing over your pride and joy for me to tear apart. 

Rest assured, I'm looking beyond the state the manuscript is in and toward the gem you dream it will be. Your pebbles are safe with me.


Time: Up to four hours of call time, and time before and after the calls to sit with your concept or review the follow-up materials.

Money: $1000, payable up front or in halves. 

Energy: This is a serious energy-generation process, so don't worry about finding any before we get started. If it feels like being present to a call is too much right now and you have any writing at all in hand, the eval path may be the better option.



Together, we'll name the Who(2)/What/How of your book:

Who are you as the author of this book?

Who is your reader?

What are you delivering them? 

And how will you get there?


We'll find all of these vital pieces across four deep-dive coaching hours or a combination of a manuscript assessment and call time to align the book on the page to the book in your head. 


So you can take your next steps in alignment with what you want and your reader needs.

alignment—you are here


  • Discovery Path: Four-hour deep dive into your identity as author, your reader's relationship to the project, the project itself, and the narrative devices you can use to bring it to life.

  • Eval Path: Full read of a manuscript at any stage, a full evaluation and recommended next steps, and 1-2 coaching hours to go over the findings.

  • Pause or stop here if it feels like enough support for now, or continue on. 

author[ity] incubator


  • 12 weeks to focus on refining your drafting or revisions plan—every chapter gets a clear focus and the book has a dimensional arc.

  • BONUS: 4 separate craft-specific calls taught live, by me or one of my amazing colleagues, around writing, publishing, and mindset.

  • Example outcomes: the bones of a book proposal, a drafting or revisions map, self-permission.

  • Choose from three levels: low-touch milestone management, 1:1 coaching support, or intensive-level deep dives.

all-in intensive

$2500+ monthly for ~12 mos

  • Intentional commitment to move from discovery to development to the damn finish line, whatever it takes, usually across ~12 months.

  • Customized support that teases the line between development editing and ghostwriting.

  • I want you to know your content so well that it's all you think about (and not the hard work of writing)

  • I want me to know it so well I don't have to think when I edit. 

  • Extremely limited space for this—currently 2 authors at a time. 


Or grab a workbook—free PDF, eBook, or print—to get started right away, no strings attached.

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